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Major Sponsors receive the following benefits...  


Audacious Hosts with the Most - $1,000

Logo and name on large banner,name on Lake Country Rotary website, logo on marketing materials and 10 tickets to the event.

Smokin’ Hot Supporters - $500

Logo and name on small banner above both table at event, name and logo on Lake Country Rotary website and 8 tickets to the event.

Hopped Up Helpers- $250

Logo and name on small banner and logo on Lake Country Rotary website and 4 tickets to the event.

We hope that this charitable event for the Lake Country Rotary Club will benefit both local recipients as well as our corporate sponsors.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sponsorships are requested to help generate revenue for the local and international charities that will benefit from this event.

Please help us to help others!

Sign up today to become a sponsor!!

Dear Sponsor,

On behalf of the entire membership of Lake Country Rotary we are grateful to the many sponsors who have shared our vision.  We have been working hard making a difference in the Lake Country community, in Wisconsin and Internationally for the last 36 years. Our humanitarian and environmental efforts have pledged over $350,000 in the past 6 years alone.

We are excited to provide an opportunity for you to join us as we prepare to launch our two premier fund raising events this year.

The 2016 Audacious Beer and Brat Celebration June 24th - 25th is one of the regions premier tasting events recognized by patrons and industry experts across the country.

Without your financial support of our two fund raising events, the many at risk programs, students and projects which the Lake Country Rotary club supports would suffer. I encourage you to visit our club any Friday at Max Meiers’ Hartland Inn for lunch or check out our website to get a more detailed accounting of the impact we are making. Together we can make dreams real!

Please take a moment and look over the various categories of participation below and sign up to become a one of our sponsors!

Ed Rindahl

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